3D-Printed, Flexible, Hyper-Sensitive Solar Panels Coming to a Manbag Near You

By Gary Cutlack on at

The future of micro-solar may have been created by technicians at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, who claim to have built a low-power solar solution that's as flexible as cloth and could lead to a future in which solar trousers generate enough power to trickle charge your iPad as long as you splay your legs wide enough in the general direction of the light.

According to the lab's Dr Fernando Castro, the new "organic photovoltaics" work much better in low light scenarios than traditional solar tech too, meaning even the UK's grey skies are enough to get the juices flowing.

The lightweight solar material could simply be rolled out across the roof of your house, with the only worry being whether it blows away rather than whether or not your poorly maintained property is strong enough to cope. Although only at the development stage at the moment, the hope is to eventually create ultra-thin panels that could be applied to car roofs, umbrellas, walls and... everything. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Solar panels from Shutterstock