A 300ft Waterslide Could Be Coming to Bristol Town Centre This Summer

By Gerald Lynch on at

An Oxfam, a Starbucks, a Nandos. Add to these highstreet staples on Bristol's Park Street a 300ft waterslide installation art piece. Wheee!

Supported by Bristol council, the ride-come-artwork has been devised by artist Luke Jerram. Running down one of the city's busiest shopping streets, thrill-seeking residents will hurl themselves down the 90-metre course on inflatables, with the sides of the slide built from hay bales and tarpaulin, and the underside of the slide padded out with foam for a smooth ride. A one-day only event, a ticketing system will be set up to allow somewhere between 600 and 1,000 locals to try the slide. They may all want to bring a spare change of clothes though, as the slide will be lubricated with Ecover washing up liquid.

While the slide itself should cost just £1,163 to build, the cost of hosting the event will be £5,631. Jerram is currently in a fundraising drive to get the cash together in time for the proposed May 4th opening. But with council support and all the necessary health and safety concerns addressed, the "Park and Slide" event looks likely to go ahead. Click here if you want to send a few quid the project's way.[Luke Jerram via Yahoo]