A First Look at WhatsApp's Upcoming Voice Feature

By Tom Pritchard on at

Screenshots of what appears to be WhatsApp's upcoming 'Voice over IP' feature have made their way onto the web, sporting a layout very similar to iOS 7's native phone app.

The screenshots were originally posted by iPhoneItalia who claim that, despite the inclusion of VoIP, there is going to be very little difference between the current version of WhatsApp and the update. So it seems that Facebook's annoying trend of altering existing designs hasn't hit WhatsApp just yet.

The only other major change to the app's design seems to be that the camera button has moved. Rather than being hidden away, it is now above the keyboard for quicker access.

whatsapp calls 3

Image: iPhoneItalia

So far there is no information on when this update is due for release, but it probably won't be too much of a wait. [iPhoneItalia via TechRadar]

whatsapp calls

Image: iPhoneItalia