A Hawk Attacking a Balloon in Slow Motion is a Graceful Murderous Ballet

By Andrew Liszewski on at

There's no denying that everything looks cooler in slow motion, but birds of prey on the hunt are particularly mesmerising through the lens of a high-speed camera. This Goshawk is being lured into attacking a water balloon baited with a piece of meat, and its mid-air manoeuvres make our most advanced fighter planes look primitive.

A Hawk Attacking a Balloon In Slo-Mo Is a Graceful Murderous Ballet

And while no one has ever questioned the lethality of a hawk's claws (or the fragility of a balloon) watching it tear into this water balloon is just terrifying. If there's one lesson to walk away with here, it's to never walk around in the wilderness with a chunk of raw meat on your head.