A Little Bit of Wood Panelling to Spruce Up Your iPhone

By Adam Clark Estes on at

Those two little glass panels on the back of the iPhone 5 are a little silly. They look pretty cool, I guess. But what are you supposed to do if they break? It's definitely not worth getting a new phone. Well, thanks to a sympathetic designer, you now have a very pretty option: wood.

Richard Clarkson, who's better known for his furniture designs than his iPhone mods, got the idea to replace the glass with wood after he broke his own iPhone 5. So he created these carefully cut, adhesive-backed panels to replace the broken glass. You'll just need some tweezers to pull out the shards before installing the wood. In fact, the panels make for a great mod even if your glass isn't broken. Just replace the entire panel, and you're on your way.

I Want These Gorgeous Wood Panels on My iPhone Right Now

The replacement panels comes in four colours (neutral, cherry, golden oak, and red oak) and costs $38 (£23) per set. For now, they're designed specifically for the iPhone 5. They'd probably work on the iPhone 5S as well, but because the flash is different, the cutouts around the camera won't fit quite right. It's worth noting that once you add on the $12 shipping to the UK, one set of these will cost you $50 (£30) – wood you believe it! [Richard Clarkson]

I Want These Gorgeous Wood Panels on My iPhone Right Now