AirPnP Lets You Invite Drunk Strangers Inside to Wee All Over Your Floor

By Gary Cutlack on at

AirPnP is clever mobile site that takes care of "lavatory logistics" while you're out and about, offering to link up people who need to go to the toilet with those who are happy to invite strangers into their homes to get wee everywhere and use more than their fair share of toilet paper.

The site was apparently created to be a serious thing, hoping to end the miserable shame of people weeing all over the place during outdoor carnivals. As with the AirBnB app it takes its name from, users are able to rate the facility after use, so it ought to eventually build up a database of acceptable places without hidden webcams in them to pop in for a quick one.

We think this might be built around the freemium model. Let people have a wee for free or a small fee, in the hope that the occasional "whale" may come along and pay good money for somewhere to do a poo in a hurry. [AirPnP via BBC]