"All New" HTC One Leaks in Bizarre Boxed Unit eBay Sale

By Gary Cutlack on at

The new, all new, or 2014 edition HTC One has leaked again, only this time it's one of the most complete leaks in tech history. A finished, boxed, actual-thing 2014 HTC One has been sold through eBay. That's beyond a mere leak. That's HTC's head office washed away by a tsunami and dumped at the bottom of the Pacific.

The eBay listing was extremely specific in its explanation that this was indeed this year's refreshed US HTC One hardware up for grabs, saying: "This phone is the latest modle [sic] (2014) brand new, never used, in original package." Even the box leaked. Even the headphones leaked. Even the warranty information leaked. Dry socks for everyone at HTC, please. [eBay via GSM Arena]