All-New HTC Sense 6.0 for All-New HTC One (M8) Caught on Camera

By Gerald Lynch on at

Is there anything left for HTC to "unveil" at its official March 25th launch day for the all-new HTC One (M8)? YouTuber Omar Rasheed has somehow got his hands on a ROM of the forthcoming Sense 6.0 interface, and has laid its secrets bare.

Installed onto the original HTC One (which bodes well for those hoping to give a fresh lick of paint to last year's handset come the launch of its successor's software), the biggest change appears to be the introduction of gesture controls. A double tap on the screen wakes the handset up (just as it did on the flawed LG G2), while the handset will be aware that when it's being held in landscape mode you'd rather that side-mounted volume button acted as a camera shutter instead. There's two "secret" features that will be met with just a ripple of applause come the grand reveal then. [TechnoBuffalo via TechRadar]