Amazon on Game Dev "Hiring Spree" Ahead of Games Console Launch

By Gary Cutlack on at

As well as purchasing home console developer Double Helix a few weeks ago, Amazon is said to be scouring the gaming companies of the US for additional development talent -- strongly suggesting its long-rumoured set-top box is indeed a content delivery trojan it'll be selling as an innocent games machine.

The latest set of rumours come via the Telegraph, which claims Amazon is on a recruitment binge in the US. The paper suggests Amazon's looking to employ some "industry heavyweights" to help spearhead the launch of its games machine, which will offer some original gaming content to reel people into the idea of having an Amazon box under, or dangling off the side of, their TVs.

And from that starting point it'll no doubt expect everyone to use it to stream all their media, too. Amazon's set-top box, whatever form it eventually takes, is expected to launch some time this year. [Telegraph]