Amazon's Smartphone May be Powerful and Affordable

By Gerald Lynch on at

It has been slow out of the blocks when it comes to putting out an own-brand smartphone, but it looks as though Amazon won't be doing it by half measures if and when it does release a handset. The latest rumours suggest that not only will Amazon's blower be a high-end device, but it'll be priced within reach of even the most penny-pinched tech fans. Take that to heart, Apple.

The latest details come courtesy of The Information, which claims that Amazon's phone project is being put together under the codename "Project Aria". The Information says it has got its hands on documents which detail European and Chinese manufacturing partners, as well as global launch plans for later this year. It also suggests that the device would land at "a fraction" of the price of its Apple iPhone rival.

Amazon has always aimed for the lower end of the pricing spectrum with its products -- both Kindle tablets and eReaders have been near loss-leading products, with Amazon's embedded services recouping the costs. But early indications of the Amazon phone's specs suggest it wouldn't be a half-arsed mid-range smartphone. Earlier rumours pointed to the inclusion of a 13MP camera, Snapdragon 800 processor and an intriguing 3D gesture and eye-tracking system. Pull those components together at a budget price, and Amazon may have something to shake up the premium end of the market with. [The Information, SF Gate via TechRadar]