An Ultra-Flat Air Conditioner That You Can Hang Like a Work of Art

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Those living in apartments or homes without central air have to come to terms with ugly, boxy air conditioners hanging out their windows. But it doesn't have to be that way, not when LG is somehow packing air conditioners into these ultra-slim housings that hang on your wall like artwork.

In fact, LG's aptly-named Artcool Stylist Inverter V air conditioner features subtle LED lighting that adds to the appeal, and by changing colours it lets you know if the unit is actively cooling or heating a room. At just 121 millimetres thick it's less obtrusive than existing wall-mounted AC units, and since you don't need to run plumbing lines to deal with excess condensation, installation is a lot easier.

An Ultra-Flat Air Conditioner That Could Be Mistaken For Artwork

Cool or warm air blasts from three different sides of the air conditioner so that it more efficiently fills a room, and the unit comes with a slick wireless remote that uses a 3.4-inch (6.09 cm) touchscreen for setting the temperature and tweaking the brightness and colour of the LED lighting. It will be available sometime this month and while pricing hasn't been revealed just yet, given its size it probably won't be much more expensive than the box you already precariously hang in your open window. [LG via Fareastgizmos]