Apple Begins Testing a "Related Search" Function for App Store Update

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Apple has begun testing a new "related search suggestion" in the App Store, which may actually help make finding things easier. This is good news because as it is, the search function couldn't be much worse.

The new menu, facilitated with a scrolling bar just below the search bar, will allow users to find more apps in search by tapping on suggestions thrown up by the App Store, receiving a selection of results based off the original search. The new suggestion bar doesn’t change the way search results are displayed seeing as Apple is still using a cards layout on the iPhone.

For now, the feature doesn’t appear to be available on the App Store for iPad or desktop computers. Some users are already able to see the new function on their iPhones, but we are unable to say when, or if, wider access to the function will roll out to all users.  [MacStories]