Apple Patents iPad Stylus With Fancy Retractable Nib

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new Apple patent has been uncovered, one that was originally filed in September of 2012, that sees the tech giant filing details of an interactive stylus with multiple nib settings to cater for different uses. A pen and a paintbrush, for example, popping out of the same hole.

The specific patent at the US Patent Office has Apple pondering the creation of an "input device for computing devices that include touch screens," that looks like a standard stylus with an adaptable touch-sensitive nib, rather like the ones Samsung oddly bundles with its larger devices.

It's all about the nib of the future, though, according to the papers, with Apple's touch pen utilising an extendible system that gives the user more artistic levels of control and input. If it ever gets made. [Apple Insider]