Apple's Transparent Texting Patent Would Help You Walk and Text

By Gerald Lynch on at

We all think we're capable mobile multitaskers, but who hasn't tripped or walked straight into someone while text-walking? A freshly-uncovered Apple patent offers a smart solution for walking when distracted by a heated text debate.

The "Transparent Texting" system would use an iPhone's rear-facing camera to replace the messaging screen's background with a live feed of whatever the camera is pointing at. Rather than obscuring your view of your surroundings, the messaging app would become a window on the world, with coloured chat bubbles sitting over the top. The patent also states that the system could be used within a browser window, or eReader app.

Filed in 2012, there's no indication as to whether the feature will land in any future iOS build, but with it seemingly requiring little more than a decent camera and enough processing grunt to pull the video feed in without latency, the iPhone's likely already equipped to do this. [Apple Insider]