April's Xbox One Update Will Focus on Your Chums

By Gerald Lynch on at

Having pushed out the March update in time for the Titanfall carnage, Microsoft's next step in its quest for gaming domination will be to make the Xbox One a friendlier place. The forthcoming April update will focus on improving the console's notifications system to make it clearer when your pals are on and ready to game.

That's according to NeoGaf user Banjo-Kazooie, who is part of Microsoft's Xbox preview program. Pulling out choice info sent to users in the test group, Banjo-Kazooie reveals the introduction of notifications every time a friend or favourite signs in, as well as the way the console will make it more obvious when those pals are active in a multiplayer game.

Game and app saves and updates will soon have a progress bar to show how far away they are from being completed, while GameDVR video recordings will feature a tweaked compression algorithm to increase their quality. Kinect accuracy is reportedly going to be improved, as is the ability to fine tune volume levels when the sensor is being used to communicate with other players. The console's AV device management capabilities are also set to be improved, while Microsoft will also take another stab at fixing 50Hz issues affecting some European users, tweaking Blu-ray 50Hz output for content recorded at 50Hz. [NeoGaf]