Male Body Shapes Described as Parsnips and Leeks in Debenhams' New Style Guide Scale

By Gerald Lynch on at

Women, for better or worse, are used to being called "pear-shaped", with the fruit scale a regularly-used crutch for stylists looking to match flattering clothes to pervasive body types. But how will men take to being called a "parsnip" or a "beetroot" when on the hunt for a new pair of jeans? Debenhams is about to find out.

Its Oxford Street store has just completed a £25 million refurbishment, and now touts a personal stylist service which will be armed with the grocery-list of male body shapes, alongside female ones too. To ease men into being compared to produce, Debenhams has drawn up a list of celebrity vegetable lookalikes. Rotund Jay-Z is a beetroot then, and lanky Russell Brand is a leek.

Check which end of the scale you fall into with Debenhams' male and female charts below. [Standard]