Batman: Arkham Knight is Headed to Xbox One and PS4, and This Time You'll Get to Drive the Batmobile

By Gerald Lynch on at

The Dark Knight returns! After a somewhat disappointing outing for the prequel story that was WB Games Montreal's Batman: Arkham Origins, the Bat is back in the hands of original developer Rocksteady Studios for Batman: Arkham Knight, which is being billed as the "finale" to the Arkham franchise.

While there's no gameplay footage to share yet, there is the above teaser trailer, revealing the return of villains including Two-Face, Penguin, Harley Quinn and Scarecrow. Long-time Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy will reprise his long-running role after taking a break for the Arkham Origins game, but no word yet on Mark Hamill's Joker. Anyone who has played Arkham City through to its conclusion will know the likely reason why, but hey, it's the Joker, clown of mystery and miraculous recoveries -- anything could happen. A GAME leak also reveals Harley Quinn as a playable character for the Challenge Maps this time out, possibly as a pre-order bonus.

Most exciting of all? The Batmobile will finally be available to drive in the game. The most complete Batman experience yet? It's certainly looking that way. Headed to Xbox One, PS4 and PC, there's no further release information yet, but we'll keep you posted.