Being Sad Makes You Less Likely to Binge Eat Crisps for Dinner

By Gary Cutlack on at

A study into how emotions control our desire for nice foods that make us fat has found that we might all be thinner if we're permanently depressed, with sad thoughts apparently limiting the desire to eat stacks of unhealthy food.

The concept has been dreamed up by researchers at the University of Miami, with author Dr Juliano Laran saying: "We found that when people who are sad are exposed to pictures of indulgent food or indulgent words, their sadness highlights the negative consequences of indulging and encourages them to indulge less."

What they did was show people images of exciting food like pizza and chocolate, then make them carry out writing tasks designed to make them feel a bit sad. Food was then served up afterwards, with the people who'd been made to feel sad apparently eat less, with their saddened brains somehow rejecting the idea of binge eating fat and carbs. [Metro]

Image credit: Pizza eating from Shutterstock