Bitcoin Cash Machine Appears in London's Tech City

By Tom Pritchard on at

Those of you fortunate enough to live near London's Tech City can get your hands on some Bitcoin more easily than ever before, thanks to a newly-installed Bitcoin cash machine. It's in good company, joining Seattle and Austin, which were the first cities to host pop-up Bitcoin ATMs last month.

The cash machine can be found inside the Old Shoreditch Cafe and Bar, and lets people top-up their Bitcoin wallets easily by scanning the QR code from their Bitcoin wallet, where they can insert up to £1,000 in cash, and bam! Instant Bitcoin. Sadly it doesn't work the other way around, as the cafe's owner, Joel Raziel, has decided against letting people use the machine to swap their Bitcoins for real cash.

The machine has apparently been a big success, with one nutter man coming all the way from Manchester for the chance to use the machine. Raziel hopes that the machine will catch on in other parts of the country, and it's probably not the worst thing that Shoreditch can offer the world, all things considered. But with Bitcoin's mysterious founder being outed, Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox collapsing, and the Winklevoss twins using it to pay Richard Branson for a galactic flight (virtually killing it with their uncoolness), we're not too confident this ATM will last past summer. [Telegraph via Tech Radar]

Featured image from IBTimes