Bored Cats Find Sense of Purpose in Personalised Cat Playgrounds

By Gizmodo on at

High-end, customisable architecture and design has been on the rise for several years, but it's starting to grow stale. The new trend lies in foregoing personal comfort altogether and extending that luxury to your cat.

Bored Cats Find Sense of Purpose in Personalized Cat Playgrounds

Goldtatze, a German company specialising in the "symbiosis of timeless elegance and true naturality," creates pieces of cat furniture that are personalised for each animal. "The surroundings for a cat should be as unique as the being itself," claims the company. Therefore, each piece is made from scratch into works of art that will transform every room in your house into an overridden cat jungle.

Bored Cats Find Sense of Purpose in Personalized Cat Playgrounds

Once thought to be a habitat meant for humans, houses, apartments, and even loft spaces are being converted into all-encompassing, room-devouring cat domains with these new furniture designs. But don't worry, since you're custom-designing the pieces for your feline friends, you can ensure that they don't become too cumbersome as you try to navigate through your 12 square foot studio flat.

We've enjoyed luxury long enough; it's time to pass the baton. As Goldtatze reminds us: "As for you, your cat is worth it." [Goldtatze via PopUpCity]