Breakfast in Bed? Drool Over This Sausage Pillow

By Gerald Lynch on at

Unless you have a particularly devoted partner (and one that has care only for your taste buds, not cholesterol levels), you can't expect to wake up to a fried breakfast every morning. But that's not to say the sight of sausages can't greet your sleepy morning head each and every day.

Beloved Shirts has a whole range of disarmingly accurate culinary cushions on sale. It's not just sausage pillows up for grabs -- how about snuggling down on a plush chicken drumstick, or pizza pillow? Or...disembodied abs? Yeah, maybe that last one isn't quite as appealing, unless your Patrick Bateman. Check out the best of the range below.

Each is currently reduced from $30 (£18.19) down to $25 (£15.16), with Beloved Shirts catering for international shipping. You'll have to pay customs fees though if shipping to the UK. [Beloved Shirts]