Budget Day 2014: The Tech, Science (and Booze) Changes You Need to Hear

By Gerald Lynch on at

The budget briefcase has been opened, and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has spoken. Your taxes have been allocated. But who were the big winners (and losers) in the three industries that are dearest to Gizmodo's heart: tech, science, and of course, booze?



£42 million has been allocated to the foundation of an Alan Turing Institute, a fitting tribute for the code-breaking mathematician who helped crack the "Enigma" codes of the second world war. It will focus on big data and algorithm research. The funding will be distributed by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, but it's not clear yet whether the institute will be given its own site, or be rolled into an existing facility. Wherever it ends up (be that a single site or multiple linked locations), it's going to need an insane amount of gear with the computational grunt to perform the calculations required to carry out the research.



Research into super-material graphene, doctoral training centres and cell therapy manufacturing facilities were the big budget winners in scientific circles.

A Graphene Open Access Innovation Centre will be established, given £19 million to make the UK a leader in the application and research of uses for the material, which is 100 times stronger than steel. Centres for Doctoral Training will be awarded a massive £106 million. These centres offer four-year doctoral training programmes for PhD students, with engineering and physical sciences the focus. £55 million will also be set aside for the development of the Cell Therapy Manufacturing Centre, bringing large-sale manufacturing facilities to the UK, and looking to secure and retain the brightest talents in UK cell therapy research.



The price of a pint is to drop by 1p. Whoop-de-doo, your next piss-up may be a staggering 3-to-20p cheaper, depending on how much of an absolute drunken disgrace you're planning to be. Cider and scotch duty will freeze, but all other booze will rise 2 per cent, and the same goes for cigarettes. Your party spirit may be in uproar, but Osborne's just become the new BFF to your lungs and liver. [Ampp3d, Guardian, IB Times]

Image Credit: Sleeping Drunk Man from Shutterstock.com