Check the Popularity of Any TV Show Using This IMDb-Based Clever Tool

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Ever wondered how long it took for The Wire to get popular? Or why Prison Break got cancelled when it did? This interactive data visualisation tool lets you mine all of IMDb's user ratings data to find out.

Put together by Kevin Wu, GraphTV mines television ratings scores contributed by users of IMDb then plots them against time. It separates the results by season, and adds trend lines, too, so you can get an insight to success. And failure.

It's quite fun to see how your opinions on shows are mirrored by the ratings of so many other users—remember that fifth season slump in the West Wing?—or see what may have led to shows being cancelled. (Prison Break, we're looking at you.) But most fun of all is exploring the tool yourself. [Graph TV via Flowing Data]