Chip Shop Maniac Creates 5kg Deep-Fried Ferrero Rocher

By Gary Cutlack on at

Why, ambassador, with this deep-fried Ferrero Rocher you are providing us with enough calories to keep an elephant running at top speed on a treadmill for a month. The ambassador is John Clarkson, a chippy boss who claims battered Rocher have been a hit with his customers. So much so that he made a huge one that looks absolutely disgusting.

The 5kg fried Ferrero was created using "a secret Ferrero Rocher recipe from America" and is now on display at Clarkson's Mister Eaters shop in Preston. He's even made a bespoke brown paper tray for it, exhibiting the sort of attention to detail only found in our proud regional chippies. [Lancashire Evening Post via Metro]

Image credit: Mister Eaters