Chromecast-Rivalling Roku Streaming Stick Headed to the UK

By Leslie Horn on at

This is Roku's brand new streaming stick. It's only £49.99, and it's ready to pop into your HDMI port right out of the box.

Available in April, the stick comes with a remote, and access to more than 750 different channels. It's seemingly Roku's answer to Google Chromecast, and when we saw it demoed last week, we asked Roku why you should buy this over Chromecast, which is cheaper by about £15. Their answer? Simple—even though Roku's stick also works with an Android or iOS app, some people still just want a remote.

You can also stream with this Roku from your phone or tablet, and you can send pictures to your TV screen too. Moreover, you have access to a lot more content on Roku – some of the more heavyweight channels include: 4OD, Netflix, Now TV and BBC iPlayer.

On the other hand, Chromecast will have a bigger stable of apps, but you might not want to wait that long. On top of that, this is a pretty good price when compared to other Rokus, which come with features that don't necessarily matter to you unless you're a gamer. If anything, its nice to have another option for an affordable, no frills streaming device.