Chromecast to Launch in the UK 9am Wednesday 19th March

By Tom Pritchard on at

Google's video streaming tech has been available in the US since last July, but for some reason we haven't had a UK release. The best we've had are rumours and hints via job listings. In fact the only way us Brits have been able to get our hands on one so far is to import one from the States. But no longer, as it looks like Chromecast is coming to the UK, and sooner than you might think.

According to an employee of Currys PC World, Chromecast has appeared in their systems (below) and is due to go on general sale at 9am on Wednesday morning. So far there is no indication of price, but it does look like the much-sought-after dongles are already in stock.

If you're unsure about whether or not to go out and buy a Chromecast adaptor, you can read our review here.