Club Toilet Users Plop Down Into the Cellar as Floor Collapses

By Gerald Lynch on at

We've all...ahem...dropped oneĀ in the loo. But it's not often you find yourself "dropping" along with last night's dinner too. Relief would have been the last thing seven men using the Hell Polish Club toilets in Eccles would have felt, as the floor of the facilities fell away beneath them.

Crashing down through into the club's basement, the seven men involved escaped with only minor injuries, though four were taken to Salford Royal hospital. Onlookers speculated that had someone been beneath the falling masonry and floorboards the situation could have ended with a fatality.

It's thought that a leak from the toilets weakened the flooring, contributing to the collapse. Hit the source to see the aftermath. What a dump! [Daily Star]

Image Credit: Drunk man and woman in a night club toilet from