Dead Shrew Flavour Kettle Chips Perform Poorly With Test Audience

By Gary Cutlack on at

A lucky couple responsibly enjoying a pack of Kettle Chips as part of a balanced diet were shocked and literally disgusted by the contents of the packet, finding a dead rodent at the bottom of the bag halfway through eating it.

They initially thought it was a mouse, but a spokesman for Kettle Foods claimed it was in fact a shrew, explaining: "We have ascertained that the dead animal is a shrew, and due to its appearance in the bag it would seem to have been dead for a relatively short period of time. Our investigations so far indicate that the shrew did not enter the bag at Kettle Foods, or during distribution, and therefore we need to understand how it came to be associated with our product." [Daily Post via Metro]

Image credit: Shrew from Shutterstock