Disney's Frozen the Highest-Earning Animated Movie of all Time, Sort Of

By Chris Mills on at

Reuters have announced that Frozen, Disney's Oscar-winning movie about a cutesy-but-irritating Snow Queen, is the top-grossing animated movie of all time. Yay! But it's not actually that simple, because it's not really the highest-earning animated movie of all time. Oh no siree.

Frozen has so far earned a rather respectable £644 million, putting it at number 10 on the Box Office Mojo all-time list, and numero uno on their all-time animated flicks list.

However, the good folks at Box Office Mojo forgot to adjust for inflation, which, when you're talking about 90 years of animated movies, is quite a major mistake. In fact, when adjusted for inflation (which, coincidentally, is how the Guinness Book of World Records does it), Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (yeah, the 1937 movie) grossed a whopping £1.05 billion in 2013 pounds, putting it well above Frozen.

So there you have it: