EE Network "Gremlins" Nuke Calls, Texts and Data Useage for Close to 12 Hours

By Gerald Lynch on at

A significant network outage prevented a number of EE 4G customers from making calls, sending texts and browsing the internet last night through to this morning.

From around 7pm on Wednesday night Twitter was flooded with users complaining that their EE handsets were unable to pick up any signal. Acknowledging the issue (and blaming it on those pesky gremlins that keep chewing through Giz's own wires), EE staff said a technical issue was at the heart of the fault, though did not reveal a specific cause.

Services now should be back up and running, and EE has sent Gizmodo the following statement concerning the downtime:

Last night's technical issue that caused a small proportion of our customers to experience problems with their signal has been resolved and all customers are now receiving a normal service. We apologise for the inconvenience caused to those customers affected.

Did you experience any downtime last night? Is your service back to normal yet?