Electric Car Sharing Service Heading to London in 2015

By Gerald Lynch on at

The residents of London have managed to get along with the "Boris Bike" rental scheme without too many hitches -- could the same soon extend to green-friendly electric car hire services?

Garnering support from both Transport for London and mayor Boris Johnson, billionaire Vincent Bolloré is now looking into bringing his Autolib electric car hire service to London, following a successful launch in Paris.

100 of the so-called "Bluecars" would be made available by March 2015 if Bolloré's plan is executed, available for short point-to-point trips around the capital, beginning and ending at designated parking spots. This would eventually grow to a fleet of 3,000. Bolloré will also run the Source London car charging infrastructure on behalf of TfL.

London is in great need of increased green-friendly transportation options. An EU commission has already found the UK in breach of its 2008 air pollution directive, and could face a £250 million fine as a result. [Guardian]