George Michael Thinks Cannabis Briefly Gave Him a West Country Accent

By Gerald Lynch on at

Let's go outside, George Michael; you're definitely in need of some fresh air if you truly believe that smoking a few joints could make you contract a wholly different accent.

But that's what the former Wham star attributes to a bizarre period during which his usual North London tones were replaced with a farmer's market twang. George had said he had been smoking as many as 25 spliffs a day before a bout of pneumonia in 2011 sent him into a coma. Unconscious for three weeks, the singer must have been to The Edge of Devon and back.

While the cannabis link is unlikely, foreign accent syndrome is actually a real thing, with regularly reported cases of coma patients waking with changed accents. There have even been claims that some wake to find they can miraculously speak different languages. [West Morning News via UsvsTh3m]

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