Google Joins Set-Top Gaming Box War With Green Throttle Gaming Team Hire

By Gary Cutlack on at

It looks like Google will be joining Amazon in launching a casual gaming console at some point in the next year, with Google picking up the remnants of Green Throttle -- a startup that offered its own OUYA-like Android Bluetooth gaming controller option.

Green Throttle was a bit of a flop despite winning praise for its Atlas controller, ceasing public operations late last year. But that hasn't stopped Google buying up the remains of the tech and hiring some of its former staff, with co-founders Matt Crowley and Karl Townsend apparently now working at Google on unmentionable but presumably gaming-related projects.

Given the key reason Green Throttle died was the way it failed to offer much in the way of exclusive content to lure gamers in, Google needs to copy Amazon and start buying up many more developers and talent if it wants to build a compelling case for a console of its own. [Pando Daily via TNW]