Greatest Pharmacist Ever Prescribes Anti-Monster Spray for 6-Year-Old

By Ashley Feinberg on at

If there's an award for the most adorable prescription of the year, pharmacist Jeff Dodds of Watford City, North Dakota has this year's title on lockdown. And all it took was some creative labelling and a very sleepy six-year-old girl with a monster problem.

While at the local Barrett Pharmacy & Variety, a little girl approached Dodds with a not-entirely-medical condition; all those monsters under her bed were keeping her up at night. And being the resourceful pharmacist that he is, Dodds decided to whip up a cure of his own concoction, ultimately producing the holy grail for frightened children everywhere—100% pharmacist-certified anti-monster spray.

The instructions are simple enough: "Spray around the room at night before bed, repeat if necessary." But this one simple, kind act has likely done loads for the girl's own peace of mind. Not to mention what it's done to restore our faith in humanity. The world could definitely use a few more Jeff Dodds. [Examiner]