Gull-Proof Sacks Saving Carlisle Residents From Streets of Shame

By Gary Cutlack on at

Households in parts of Cumbria have been issued with retro hessian sacks by their local council, in an attempt to stop seagulls from rummaging through bin liners, eating waste and letting the wind blow their embarrassing credit card statements into nextdoor's garden.

Nearly 4,000 homes in areas where the dreaded wheelie bin is deemed unsuitable have been issued with the sacks, with the council hoping these might be tough enough to stop gulls tearing them open for a quick snack. The local council's put together a helpful guide [PDF] and created the above embedded video demonstrating how sacks work, in case you've forgotten how to put things into bags. [BBC]

Image credit: Seagulls from Shutterstock