Home Office Has "Super Flagger" Status to Order Mass Removal of YouTube Clips

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google has granted the Home Office special powers when it comes to having questionable YouTube content flagged up for removal, with the government able to request masses of clips are pulled on a large scale basis instead of fingering individual clips.

The apparent granting of "super flagger" status to the Home Office means it has special fast-track access to Google's pulling process, with flagged content "instantly" screened for deletion. However, YouTube claims it still has the ultimate final say-so in actually pulling flagged material, so, technically, the system shouldn't be open to abuse.

The FT also spoke to the UK's security and immigration minister, James Brokenshire, who says the government may look to expand its content deletion requests beyond clips that are deemed illegal and into simple and debatable bad taste territory.

Brokenshire says generally grim material may be subject to takedown requests too in the future, suggesting content that "...may not be illegal but certainly is unsavoury and may not be the sort of material that people would want to see or receive" could also be insta-pull-requested by whoever has the lucky governmental job of cruising YouTube all day looking for sick vids. [FT via Wired]