How Does the HTC One M8 Stack Up to the Competition?

By Chris Mills on at

Following a few months of pre-launch Snowden-quality leaking, the HTC One M8 has blown its pathetic excuse for cover. Although much is the same in this year's HTC flagship, enough has been upgraded that it's a worthy player in the oh-so-crowded smartphone market.

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Specs-wise, the M8 holds up well against the competition -- a top-notch Snapdragon 801 processor is at the top of the pack, the 440 PPI is only barely second to the Nexus 5, and the cameras, whilst not packing all the world's megapixels into the sensor, seem to still perform, if our review is anything to go by.

Indeed, in many cases, it's details that aren't borne out in the specs -- like the build quality, software nuances, and jaw-droppingly good speakers, that separates the field.

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