How Were You Using the Internet in 1999?

By Robert Sorokanich on at

For whatever reason, one of the Gizmodo writers posted an image of an old AOL free trial disc in our staff-wide chat the other day. One thousand hours free for 45 days! This, of course, started us all down a road of weird nostalgia, recalling how we used (or misused) the World Wide Web back in the twilight of the 90s. What were you doing on the Internet back then?

Me? Well, technically nothing. My parents didn't get the internet until the year 2000, and even then we tried to skate by using the same phone line for telephone and internet service. But once we got a second line, I was cruisin' ... to dumb sites like ebaumsworld (which still exists!) and Homestar Runner (which has pretty much died). There was also a weird period where I thought I knew a lot about jazz music and tried to educate grown up jazz experts about Miles Davis in jazz-oriented AOL chatrooms. Whatever, I was like 14, cut me some slack.

How were you Surfing The Web fifteen years ago?