HTC One M8 Dot View Case Hands-On: A Trypophobic's Nightmare

By Gerald Lynch on at

I've got a friend that suffers from trypophobia, or the fear of small holes. Whereas some are scared of clowns or the dark, I've seen her crack at a crumpet. God only knows then how she'd handle HTC's new hole-ridden Dot View case, launching alongside the HTC One M8 today.

A flip cover case, it's filled with hundreds of tiny holes around the front side. With magnets built in, the M8 handset is able to recognise when the Dot View case is attached, and use its own screen to project light through the holes, giving an at-a-glance view of notifications.

Obviously, having the screen on at all times would be impractical and a drain on the battery, so like the handset itself, the Dot View case can be woke with a double tap on the front. It all ties into the Motion Launch gesture system that the M8 itself makes use of -- where the handset can be swiped while sleeping to enter into the Blinkfeed or voice call views, so too can you swipe down across the surface of the case to complete actions such as rejecting a call. From the case itself, users can view all sorts of information, from incoming calls (with snazzy dot-matrix caller ID) through to weather details. A user need not even open the case to answer a call -- making use of gesture controls and leveraging the connected handsets sensors, just putting the phone to your ear will be enough to accept an incoming chinwag. It's all very intuitive, and it's an attractive way to present information without needing to download an accompanying app or fully waking the phone.

As you'd imagine, there are plenty of gaps cut in the case for camera lenses and volume buttons. However, the case won't be suitable for anyone looking to use it as a stand for the M8.

It's a really smart idea, harnessing the phone's built-in capabilities to great effect. If it's all a bit too fancy for your liking though, HTC will also be offering standard flip cases and two-tone shell cases too. The Dot View case will be available in black, blue, green maroon and orange shades, and should be in stores from today alongside the new flagship handset. Expect to pay around £30.

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