HTC One M8's Blinkfeed App Hits Google Play Prematurely

By Gerald Lynch on at

If the weeks of leaks are anything to go by, the main UI element that will differentiate the HTC One M8 (due to be revealed at 3pm today) will be its returning, revamped Blinkfeed homescreen. And, thanks to someone over-eagerly pushing the "GO LIVE" button, we've got a good glimpse of it over on the Google Play Store already.

The Blinkfeed Launcher describes an app that collates news, calendar notifications and social networking updates in a single tile-based feed. Along with a new font and differing colour schemes, the app page reveals that an option for offline reading has been added. Alongside the Blinkfeed Launcher, the HTC Service Pack has also hit the Google Play Store. This appears to be an update pack, bringing the new phone up-to-date with the most recent patches hot out of HTC's testing labs.

We'll be heading down to the HTC launch event for 3pm today. We've got a good idea that we already know everything that we're going to see though. [CNET]