I Want These Bizarre Prints of Brains and Butterflies on My Walls

By Leslie Horn on at

These prints—by graphic artist Bedelgeuse—are weird and magical and beautiful and I want them on my walls. The technical term for this style of art is up for debate—is it a collage or illustration?—but you definitely can file these prints under "can't stop looking."

They're also pretty affordable if you happen to be looking for some wall coverings—the smallest 8 x 10 print goes for £8, the middle of the road 13 x 16-inchers are £13, and the big guys, at 17 x 12, are £20. They make nice little conversation pieces, too. How'd you like to explain the reasoning behind having a picture of the exposed muscles of a disembodied calf carting around a beating heart to your sister next time she visits?

The combination of flowers with body parts and insects—the intersection of life and death maybe—is kinda cool, and vaguely Victorian. But also very weird, in the best sense of the word. More of this brand of weird, please. [Society6 via Bedelgeuse]