Doc Brown, Tony Hawk, and Even Moby Want HUVr Corp's Hoverboard to be Made Real

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's got Tony Hawk's endorsement, it's got Moby's endorsement. It's even got bloody Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd, giving it the thumbs up. Has the HUVr Corp finally made Back to the Future's hoverboard a reality? No, of course not.

Despite an elaborate, celebrity-backed media push, this is very much a hoax, albeit a very good one from the Funny or Die team. The technology to power this sort of thing simply does not exist yet (and even if it did, it'd be deep in some underground military testing base, not heading to the top of December 2014 Christmas lists). They've even gone so far as to make an explanatory video (embedded below), full of nonsense tech speak.

Still, it does capture the wonder and excitement of Marty McFly's futuristic board of choice well. And it does pose an interesting question: Surely all these big-name celebs haven't just been roped in for the sake of an epic troll. A tie-in for the recently-announced Back to the Future musical perhaps? Or, whisper it, an early tease for a Back to the Future 4 flick? [YouTube]