Cost of a Pint Explodes by 1,948 Per Cent Over 40 years

By Gary Cutlack on at

The price we pay for a pint has risen faster than house prices in the UK, with the cost of an average 0.568 of a litre of beer rising by 1,948 per cent since 1973. If you'd bought a pint back then and kept it in the fridge, you'd be a millionaire by now.

The inflation index shows that the UK's house price boom has been tame in comparison to the rise in booze prices, with house values exploding by a mere 1,699 per cent over the same period. The price of diesel has risen almost as dramatically, with a litre costing just 8p in 1973 and around £1.41 today, although basic foodstuffs like apples, carrots and flour have only seen rises of around 700 per cent.

The stats come from data from the Office for National Statistics and were compiled by Lloyds Bank. With the numbers showing that more of our take-home pay is used up in paying for life's basics, the worry is that the 15-fold increase in the average wage isn't as much as the 17-fold rise in other costs faced by UK workers. So we're poorer. And more sober. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Beer from Shutterstock