Instagram for Android Gets Major Overhaul: Promises a Cleaner, Faster Experience

By Tom Pritchard on at

Good news to Android users who enjoy sharing photos of their food and slapping a filter onto every snap they take, because a major Instagram update has been released that promises a cleaner, faster experience.

As you all know, Android devices are more diverse than an airport departure lounge, so it can be tricky for app developers to accommodate them all. Instagram has decided that simply supporting these devices is not enough. No, Instagram decided to tweak and polish the app so that it feels "native and at home on any Android device."

But what does this mean for you? Well for one thing, the app is now half of its original size, which Instagram promise will increase the app's overall speed. The app has also been made more user friendly with a cleanup of the design and a new function that will automatically rearrange the layout to match the size of your phone's screen.

Instagram for Android 5.1 is available right now on Google Play [Instagram]