iOS 7.1 Adding iPhone Battery Draining Woes to its List of Features

By Gerald Lynch on at

It'll keep you from going off-road in your Carplay-equipped motor, but iOS 7.1 has also brought with it an unwanted feature for some of its users. It seems the latest update to Apple's mobile software is draining iPhone and iPad batteries at a significantly increased rate.

Apple's support forums have been flooded with complaints, stating that battery life has been reduced by the update, and that charge times are also notably longer. Some are claiming that it's running down the battery to half its capacity in just an hour, even with brightness levels significantly reduced.

Most complaints seem to have come from iPhone 5S users, with some potential fixes including a full, clean reinstall of iOS 7.1, and the slightly less drastic hard reset of the affected device. Apple has yet to respond to the complaints.

Have you noticed any reduced battery performance on your device since the launch of iOS 7.1? Got a working fix if you have noticed problems? Share your woes below. [Inquirer]