Is HTC Teasing a Golden All-New HTC One With Edge-to-Edge Display?

By Gerald Lynch on at

While it's a bit late to the party when it comes to teasing its "All-New" HTC One (the internet's many leakers have already done most of that job for it), HTC is now steadily letting a stream of teasers about its next flagship smartphone flow. Can it reveal anything new without completely blowing its big unveiling?

Today, HTC's Twitter account revealed the below image, showing the original HTC One in its gold shade, with a picture-in-picture shot of another HTC One revealing the new handset's launch date. Compared to the outsider leaks that have marred HTC's grand unveiling, there's little to go on, but a few things can be extrapolated from the image. A gold chassis looks almost certain to be a returning option, while the picture-in-picture view suggests the new handset will be bigger than its predecessor. And, while this is purely speculation on my part, does the larger phone seem to have had its screen border narrowed, giving what's close to an edge-to-edge display? It certainly seems less pronounced than I'd expect from the first HTC One. But teasers like these often turn into Magic Eye-like mysteries -- sometimes they make you see what you want to see. [HTC Twitter]