Jet Lag Pill Could Correct a Wonky Body Clock After a Night Shift Down the Disco

By Gary Cutlack on at

Researchers looking into how certain hormones work inside the brain have come up with the concept of a jet lag treatment, one that could reset the body's internal clock by performing a factory reset of our natural rhythms by suppressing an enzyme that effects the brain.

The team from Manchester University suggests that the CK1epsilon enzyme works as some sort of internal battery for the brain, and that by switching it off it can rapidly reset our body clocks. A treatment involving suppressing this enzyme may reboot the clocks of shift workers, travellers and anyone who snapped back into awareness in a bar at 3:45am on a Tuesday night, possibly allaying the current rash of health fears that implicate poor sleep.

Good news for those poor brain damaged mice, too. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Tired worker from Shutterstock