Jubilee Line Tube Driver Arrested for Being Drunk at the Controls

By Gerald Lynch on at

A 50-year old tube driver has been arrested, after being found drunk during his shift at the controls of a northbound Jubilee Line train on Saturday afternoon.

The driver had been due to take a break and swap with another driver at Wembley Park station, but did not get out of his train until a few stops later. Smelling alcohol on the man's breath and sensing something was wrong, colleagues called the police and the man was arrested.

Now, before we too hastily picture a scene like those at the end of Speed, with a Dennis Hopper lookalike at the controls of a runaway train, keep in mind that the Jubilee Line is one of the most-automated services on the underground system. Driver's responsibilities are mostly managing the doors and keeping customers informed of delays or station access issues. Regardless, it's a sackable offence to be drunk in the driver's seat, and the man may face criminal charges.

A TfL spokesperson offered this statement:

On Saturday afternoon a train operator was relieved from duty after concerns were raised about his conduct. The train operator was subsequently taken into custody by British Transport Police. The member of staff is suspended while investigations by ourselves and the BTP are continuing.”


Image credit: London Underground from Shutterstock.com