Just Flick This Clock's Simple Face Switch to Activate its Alarm

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Dieter Rams left a lasting legacy at Braun that still influences the products the company creates today. Just take a look at this simple analogue alarm clock, that's found a clever way to compete with all the other monstrous smartphone docks vying for space on your bedside table.

Instead of a hard-to-find button on the top or back of the clock to activate its alarm at night, the entire analogue clock face is one large switch. Flip it down and the alarm will ring for whenever it's set, or flip it up to keep it silent. It's ridiculously easy, and the green accent colour that's revealed leaves no question as to whether your alarm will sound.

Just Flick This Clock's Simple Face Switch To Activate Its Alarm

The clock is just £22—available in black, white, or grey—and even comes with the requisite Duracell battery needed to make it run. Sure, most of us probably just rely on our smartphones to wake us up in the morn, but there's nothing wrong with having a stylish backup on hand just in case. [Braun]