Kinect 2 for Windows Nearly Ready for Those That Like Waving at Their PCs

By Gerald Lynch on at

Developers looking to free the second-gen Kinect sensor from its Xbox One shackles won't have long to wait. Microsoft has just revealed the final hardware look for Kinect for Windows v2, and it'll be very familiar to next-gen gaming fans.

Aesthetically, it'll be almost identical to the sensor that comes with the Xbox One console. The glowing Xbox One logo has been replaced with a more sedate power indicator, while the Kinect logo is now written on the sensor's top edge.

Unlike the console iteration, Kinect for Windows v2 will also require a separate hub and power supply, supporting voltages between 100 - 240 volts.

In terms of raw specs, Kinect v2 for Windows will allow for full HD video through the colour camera, and will let developers harness its improved depth camera through USB 3.0 data throughput. Lots of the processing is now shifted onto your machine's GPU rather than CPU or the Kinect's onboard chipset, too. Microsoft still won't commit to a specific launch date, but promises it's getting "getting closer and closer". [MSDN Blogs]